Online casino bonuses

Available Bonus in Online Casinos

Online casino sites like PlayAmo provides a wide variety of bonus to help players earn more, it an also help to attracts new players. For these casinos, bonus cools also be seen as investment which helps them compete against their peers. It also helps to keep players as long-term partners and boost their winning chance. Here we shall consider some of the popular casino bonuses:

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonus which is otherwise referred to as sign up bonus is the easiest of all the casinos rewards and promotion. This welcome bonus is used to attract new bettors to sign up and deposit. This bonus can be match bonuses or a percentage of the deposit amount.

Match Bonus

Match bonus is a bonus in which the casino collates one deposit dollar for each dollar deposited by the player. For example, a bonus of $50 mean one account will be credited $100 for the deposit of $50. Match bonus is also called 100% bonus and could be used to earn real money.

Percentage Bonus

Percentage bonus is a direct bonus which casino offers in deposition to player’s deposit. Example include when casino sites offer 60% bonus and a player deposit $300, extra $150 will be added to such a players casino account. This percentage bonus is mainly added to match the bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Grab a No Deposit Bonus if you come across one. These are provided by online casinos to help players to enjoy their games without taking any risks. You can win real money while playing, but read and understand the bonus terms and conditions.

Loyalty Bonus

Loyalty bonus is solely designed for bettors who have been playing at the casino for an extended period of time. It’s a bonus meant to encourage and keep players on their sites. This reward comes in the mode of loyalty rewards club and VIP program. Players who have been playing on the casino for long get enrolled automatically and they earn points as much as they bet on the platform. The more one earns points, the more one get VIP status and earn fantastic bonuses.

Online casino bonuses


Reload bonuses are designed to retain gamblers betting at a specific website. Although they are applied to subsequent deposits, they operate on the same fundamental principles as the sign-up bonus. Reload bonuses might take the shape of a percentage deposit bonus or a match deposit bonus, however they can vary significantly from casino to casino.

Special Deposit Bonus

There are multiple options for placing deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. Some websites provide an additional % bonus for anyone who deposits using the specified payment method in an effort to persuade players to choose that method.

These are referred to as Preferred Deposit Bonuses, and the concept behind them is that the casino will love bettors to use deposit methods that are the least expensive to operate. It helps them cut costs and players are rewarded for the saved costs.

High roller Bonus

It is designed for the customer who makes a sizeable deposits. This bonus is used to encourage bettors. For instance, a casino could offer players who deposit more than $500 a hefty percentage bonus. 

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